Student ID Announcement and New Student Process of IDD-CDT Freshmen (successful candidates of admission (TCAS) 2018) Round 1 and 3

Please follow the provided guidelines for the student registration process.

  • 1. Search for your student ID through the link; and log in through by using your student ID number as a username and national ID number as a password. Fill your personal information and upload your photo in Thammasat uniform.
  • 2. Print out the document of your personal information (number 1) and sign your name.
  • 3. Scan all of the required documents within one file in PDF format and name the file and the email subject by using your student ID number and upload to New Student Registration Form by June 27th, 2018. (Please be noted that any file format from camera is not allowed.) The required documents include (please order all documents by this list);

    • 3.1 A registration form that you printed out from (document number 2).
    • 3.2 Thai national ID card or passport.
    • 3.3 A high school certificate or an equivalent certificate issued by Ministry of Education in Thailand for students who graduate from schools aboard or unaccredited international school in Thailand or an official transcript with date of graduation or standard test report.
    • 3.4 In case your name has been changed, please attach the official certificate of name change.

    Example : If your student ID number is 6112345678, your file’s name is “6112345678”.

  • 4. For more information about the freshmen activity, please see the link ; Freshmen Academic Calendar or contact ;

    • 4.1 Innovative Digital Design and Creative Digital Technology Programs at 086-334-8852,02-564-4440-59 ext. 2690, 2691.
    • 4.2 The Office of the Registrar, Thammasat University at 02-564-4441-79 ext. 1602 – 1607.