Guideline: Applied Arts and Creative Exam

Animation and VFX Major
I. Sketch and color your design (30 minutes): Design a vehicle by using these 3 offered objects.

  • 1. Sport ball (any kinds of sport can be applied such as football, basketball, tennis, table tennis etc.)
  • 2. Palm tree (any parts of palm tree can be applied)
  • 3. Cowhide


Note: Student is allowed use each object as many as the design needed, but all 3 objects have to appear in your final design.

II. Draw a side view, back view and 45 degree view (front) from a provided character


III. Storytelling (90 minutes): Draw and color a perspective image from a provided story below;
Example: “Eventhough I know I’m so in love with you I’m not really sure that you feel the same way too Ready for that moment when my hearts broken again Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Then I look around me and all that I can see so many other girls and they’re prettier than me Ordinary flowers never get their time in the sun Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Cafetaria airs the sound of music Listening interrupts my daydream Then I find myself caught inside the rhythm flow And now my body moves starting with my toes There is no escaping whatever I’m feeling C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon baby Come and tell my future!” (Fortune Cookie, English version)

Game Art and Design Major
I. “Game Analysis”

  • Please analysis your favorite game.
  • Analysis Guideline:
    • Information—write about the information of the game such as; name, genre, platform, developer, etc.
    • Analysis—what do you learn from playing the game?
  • Explain what design lesson that you learn from your favorite game?
    • Design lesson means that something that you can use later in your own design.
  • Example of analysis question (you don’t have to use this)
    • If the game is fun, how did the developer do that?
    • Pick one part of the game that you think that it’s worth analysis and explain how did the developer make that happen.
    • Explain why do you think the game is better than other game?
    • Explain what is the unique part of the game?

II. “Game Design”

  • From last section the game that you pick.
  • If you can modify the game anyway you like to make it better, what will you do?
  • Modification Guideline:
    • > Modification goal—what do you want from the modification of that game?
    • > Modification detail
      • What do you want to do?
      • Explain in detail.
      • You can draw picture or chart.